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It starts with our founder, Robert Skorr. Born in Bronx, NYC. And spent most of his early years there, later working with his father in the family'a wire forming business.

Robert's innovative journey in the catering industry began during his college years.

Preparing food as a line cook in his college's dining hall, particularly in charge of Sunday catering, he gained a deep understanding of the essentials of food service, including the use of buffet food warmers.

Bringing It To The Market

In the mid-1980s, Skorr leveraged his line cook experience and education in engineering and marketing to create the Skorr Wire Buffet Stand.

This product, with its wide stance design, was a significant improvement over traditional narrow stance wire buffet stands, offering four times the safety.

Tragedy Strikes, 2014

Shock struck at night.

What seemed to be another night having a movie-night with family, Robert got a gut wrenching phone call. The factory's building caught fire.

Everyone was safe and evacuated, then Robert heard how the business on the 3rd floor caught fire, and the fire spread down to the 2nd floor, and was reaching his business on the 1st floor. The fire ended up engulfing the factory.

Watching the company he built for over 20 years burn to the ground, Robert was in shock. Yet, through the pain in turmoil, he began to navigate this new unknown with a constructive plan for rebuilding, and took strategic action innovating his products.

Looking Forward, Constantly Innovating

Fast forward to today, 2024. The future is promising.

Robert has created new patents and new products, evolving the Skorr Wire Buffet Stand to it is today. With it's newest version, The Skorr Lid- Locking Buffet Stand.

After 20 years of providing hosts, caterers, restaurants, and wholesalers a reliable, safer, high-quality wire buffet stand, Robert Skorr is a passionate innovator who continues to evolve the wire buffet stand and make hosting events, catering, and parties a breeze.

Choose Skorr's Lid Locking Stand for your next gathering and serve up success effortlessly. Order now to transform your hosting game!

Choose Skorr's Lid-Locking Buffet Stand for your next gathering!

And serve up success effortlessly.

Order now and make hosting your next party a breeze!

More Customer Reviews

From our Amazon product listing!

Nicole W.

Don't look past these!

Amazing!! The lock lids really make the difference. You get so much for a low price. I’ll be using these for the holidays so all the food stays warm, no more complaints
Honestly the best for the price,quick delivery and again, LOCK LIDS!! Awesome

Frank B.

Wow, lock heat in and bugs out! Great package

Made with solid materials I could see myself using for several parties to come through the years, there’s nothing disposable about this product.

Buyer from Amazon

Love my Skorr Chafer w/ Lid Lock

There are several things that I like about these Chafers. The racks are powder coated black which adds to their nice appearance and durability. The Lid Lock is a major plus. So many times we like to warm the food up with the burners and then end up using tin foil to keep tue food warm without over cooking. But now we have the large pans that are supplied to cover the food with the Lid Lock system to maintain the warmth of the food... Also makes it easier for transport the pans when there is food in them. Great System all together.

Yasmine Al

Exceptionally well-made and comes with everything

I bought this buffet set in anticipation of a small get together/party event. It was packaged well and arrived earlier than expected. It’s designed so that the handles move easily and smoothly so it’s very easy to pick up. It’s stable so I’m not worried about it tipping over. On top of that it was packaged with pretty much everything you need, including utensils, and the lighter that it comes with is also child-proof. Highly recommend, especially for anyone anticipating to serve a good amount of food!

Elke Palanza


Received sooner then expected. I've ordered from this company before, USA made is always appreciated! With the lock handles I won't worry about tops flying away. Food stays warm minus the bugs. 100% recommended for ANY occasion Thank you!!

Ken M.

Super fast delivery

Awesome product. Easy to use and well constructed. Handles and locking lid made the difference for me.

John A.

Perfect product

Strongest feature was the rotating handles that serve as lid locks. The food gets hotter faster and stays hotter longer. But also, it simply does what the product says it does. It kept the food warm all afternoon during the football game. People could get warm brisket and Mac and Cheese whenever they wanted. I didn't have to do a thing. Made me look like a real host, thanks Skorr.

Deborah P.